Virtual Office: Proof of concept

June 10, 2017

Part of a pitch for building constructor (via Alligence Communications)

Kinect XRAY installation

March 1, 2017

(via 3D Printing Experience Center at ECR 2017 Join Materialise at ECR and visit the 3D Experience Center! Visit us and take a scan of yourself!  Work in progress: This is how it started…  

Esko Racer

May 28, 2016

Engaging interactive Kinect installation for trade fair booth. Started out as a VR experience, but evolved to a more “practical” setup that needed less on-site player support. 

Captured Reality

February 5, 2016

Playing with particles

December 5, 2015

I love particles… Ever since I started programming my first flash websites and games I’ve been fascinated by particle systems and particle interaction. I love how you can make every individual particle flow and bounce and work together so they seem to come alive in group. With this experiment I wanted to see how they […]

Ironman VR

October 25, 2013

Back in 2013, I made the coolest VR demo ever. The IRONMAN simulator! If you have every wanted to fly around the city like you favorite superhero, this Virtual Reality experience is right for you! Using Kinect I captured the players head and limb movements. Remember, this was back when Oculus Dev Kit 1 just released. It had […]

EBEMA – Interactive Kinect Flythrough

October 15, 2013

EBEMA is one of Belgiums biggest manufacturers of cement tiles. For the opening event of their new production plant they wanted something to guide their visitors through the production process of their plant without putting them in harms way. I created a Kinect driven 3D installation where the visitor had to move in front of a […]