Ironman VR

By Wim Wouters, October 25, 2013

Back in 2013, I made the coolest VR demo ever. The IRONMAN simulator! If you have every wanted to fly around the city like you favorite superhero, this Virtual Reality experience is right for you! Using Kinect I captured the players head and limb movements. Remember, this was back when Oculus Dev Kit 1 just released. It had no integrated head tracking.

Using te Kinects tracking the player has no need for extra controls. Flying becomes very natural.

The coolest thing was that the demo went viral…

Download IronMan Oculus Demo here:


  • Connect you Kinect
  • Connect your Oculus Rift
  • Start the EXE
  • Press RETURN to reset/callibrate everything (look at the Kinect when doing this, even better to let someone else do it… hard to find buttons with oculus on your head)
  • Do a small jump to start flying
  • Hold arms down to fly UP
  • Hold arms up do fly DOWN
  • Put one arm UP and the other DOWN to turn (like a plane)
  • Lean forward and back to fly forward and backwards
  • Press H to hide Jarvis HUD
  • Press ESC to exit